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Fire Trucks and Special Equipment



                   241 - Engine: 1990 Pierce Pump/Tanker flowing approx. 1250gpm with a

                                             1000gal tank and approx. 3000ft of hose. Also contains our

                                             Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera and Rapid Intervention Bag.


             242 - Engine:  1987 Pierce Pump/Tanker flowing approx. 1500gpm with a

                                             500gal tank and 40gal Foam tank and approx. 1600ft of hose.

                                             Also contains our Hurst Extrication Equipment.


             253 - Tanker: 1982 International Tanker flowing approx. 750gpm with a

                                            2000gal tank and approx. 700ft of hose. Also contains a

                                            2200gal Drop Tank.


             244 - Grass/Field Truck: 1979 Pierce Grass Rig flowing approx. 400gpm with

                                            a 250gal tank and approx. 500ft of hose and 4 fire brooms.

     Special Equipment:

             Jaws of Life: Hurst Extrication including 2 portable power units, 1 Cutter,

                                           1 Spreader, 1 30in Ram and 1 Complete "Turtle Cribbing" Set.

       Self Contained Breathing Apparatus:

             SCBA: Scott Air-Pak w/ 2216psi including 18 full packs and 10 spares bottles.